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HAL's observatory should be completed before the end of 2014 with the Grand Opening in early Spring of 2015. Details to come.

This Just In....

HAL Members Eddie Crawford, Marc Feuerberg, Joel Goodman, Chris Miskiewicz, Chas Rimpo, and Victor Sanchez successfully moved the steel Watson telescope pier to Alpha Ridge Park today. Our observatory contractor will install it and start construction this week. Stay tuned for updates.

Kids/Parents - check out our updated Kid's Corner page. It contains several new resources. Be sure to check the Halloween astronomy link to see what astronomy and Halloween have in common.

The public is invited to a free viewing of the partial solar eclipse this Thursday, Oct. 23 at the Howard Nature Conservancy, 10520 Old Frederick Rd, Woodstock, MD. The eclipse starts at 5:52PM and ends at sunset (6:15PM). The facility's restrooms will be locked and unavailable for this short event. Rain date: Aug 21, 2017.

Since the lines at the HAL Members' solar telescopes may be long and the event is so short, those without a telescope may want to invest in a pair of these: http://www.amazon.com/Eclipse-Glasses-Certified-Viewer-filters/dp/B00712I3JA/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top or check with local astronomy retailer Hands-on-Optics in Damascus, MD. Never look at the sun without appropriate eye protection.

Celestial Searchers will be held on Monday, October 27th at 7PM in the Art Room of Bushy Park Elementary in Glenwood, MD. For more information click here.

to the website of the Howard Astronomical League, Central Maryland's premier astronomy club! HAL is an amateur astronomy club located in Howard County, Maryland. We hold monthly meetings on the lower level of the Robinson Nature Center in Columbia, MD, conduct public star parties at Alpha Ridge Park and provide community outreach events at various locations - often in Howard Country Library parking lots. We invite everyone to be a part of astronomy in Central Maryland. You will find information about our meeting dates on our Meetings page. Information on membership is located on the Join HAL page.
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also for our Star Parties and Outreach events. In addition, we provide an e-mail group for communication of timely club News and for astronomical discussions.

to help you plan your observing sessions is available either on the Calendar page, or the Astrolinks page -- where you can check for moonrise times, Iridium flares, International Space Station sightings, Jupiter's Great Red Spot transit and a lot more. And don't forget to check the Weather before you venture out -- but if its cloudy, come play in our Kid's Korner section instead!

HAL's Observatory
construction is underway. The site selected is Alpha Ridge Park in Marriottsville, MD. (This is where we currently hold our star parties.). It will house HAL's Watson Telescope. Full details about the Observatory and the Watson Telescope are documented on this website. These pages are great resources to help keep abreast of this exciting project.

HAL is proud to have official affiliations with:

RNC Robinson Nature Center CSearchers

Celestial Searchers

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International Dark Sky Association

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